FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (with actual answers!)


Q: Why did you create this site?


A: Neon Genesis Evangelion was first broadcast over 15 years go, and due to its popularity has had several re-releases both in Japan and the United States.  Even so, quite a bit of interesting content has never officially made it across the Pacific to the American market.  English-language information on the Internet for the Japanese releases is spotty and fragmented, so I decided to make a single site that compiles all the data I could find and provide it as a service for non-Japanese speaking Evangelion fans.  At the same time, since it’s relatively easy to compile information of the American home video releases, I decided to include them as well.



Q: What releases do YOU own?


A: I own quite a few myself, but not quite as many as some other hard-core fans I know of.  Here's a listing as September 2015:


US releases

ADV Genesis 0:1 – 0:13 VHS Tapes (Dubbed version)

ADV Collection 0:1 DVD (Original AIX version)

ADV Perfect Collection DVD Box Set

ADV Director’s Cut DVD Volumes 1+2 (Resurrection + Genesis Reborn)

ADV Platinum Complete DVD thinpak box

Manga Entertainment Death & Rebirth

Manga Entertainment The End of Evangelion

Funimation Evangelion 1.01 DVD

Funimation Evangelion 1.11 Blu-ray (1st edition w/ "Fly Me to the Moon" trailers)

Funimation Evangelion 2.22 Blu-ray


JP releases

 “Theatrical Edition” Laserdisc Limited Edition Box Set (KILA-9401/4)

Evangelion Symphony Laserdisc (KILA-339)

Original TV series DVD singles (KIBA-1 ~ KIBA-7) [w/ obi strips]

Original “Theatrical Edition" DVD set [Death and Rebirth + The End of Evangelion] (KIBA-105/6) [w/ obi strip]

Panasonic “Special Disc” (DVD-JJDDEVP)

"Neon Genesis Evangelion <<Renew>> Special" DVD (from March 2003 issue of Newtype Magazine)

Renewal "01 Test Type" DVD (KIBA-1000)

Renewal TV series DVD singles [rental pressings] (KIBR-1 ~ KIBR-8)

Renewal “The Feature Film” DVD set [Revival of Evangelion] (KIBA-1009/10)

Evangelion 1.01 Limited Edition DVD (KIBA-91526)

Blu-ray Box Set (KIXA-90501)

Archives of Evangelion DVD Box Set (KIBA-92191)


Other releases

Proware (Taiwan) Evangelion 1.11 Blu-ray

Proware (Taiwan) Evangelion 2.22 Blu-ray

Deltamac (Hong Kong) Evangelion 3.33 Blu-ray (Limited Edition)



Q: What US releases would you recommend to someone who wants to add Evangelion to their home video collection?


A: There are two versions of the Evangelion TV series that I would recommend: The 6-DVD "Platinum Complete" thinpak box and the 7-DVD Platinum singles (or the "Holiday Edition" box that was subsequently released.)  The differences are these:


Platinum singles: On-disc extras, lower video bitrate, booklets

Platinum "Holiday Edition": On-disc extras, lower video bitrate, no booklets

Platinum Complete: No extras, higher video bitrate, no booklets


It really is a subjective choice.  Some of the on-disc extras are nice to have (clean OP/ED videos and the "AR rush video" of entire episodes, also called "Animatics" by ADV) while others are less useful (dub-cast commentaries and dub-crew featurettes).  Get whichever one is less expensive if you don't care either way. 


If you’re buying on eBay, avoid the original (non-Platinum) ADV DVDs and its associated “Perfect Collection” box.  The video isn’t nearly as good compared to the Platinum DVDs, the audio is merely in stereo, and the subtitle translations are relatively unrefined.


You can safely skip "Death and Rebirth" and just get "The End of Evangelion".  "Death" is merely a recap of the series, and the content of "Rebirth" is duplicated (and extended upon, obviously) in "The End of Evangelion".  Personally I do like “Death”, mostly because of the classical music used for its soundtrack.


As for the "Rebuild" movies, get the Blu-rays if you can.  However if you only have a DVD player the DVDs are fine for what they are.  Avoid getting the Evangelion 1.01 DVD; the video is too dark and there's no extras included.



Q: What’s the difference between overlays, hardsubs, and softsubs?

A: See HERE for an explanation with illustrations.



Q: Where can I buy Japanese Evangelion home video releases?


A: For discs that are currently in print, I’d recommend Amazon Japan, HMV Japan, and CDJapan.  All three ship internationally.  For out-of-print items, it’s a bit more difficult.  I’ve also used an auction proxy (JIGS Auction Agent Service) to bid on / purchase items from Yahoo!Japan Auctions (Japan’s biggest auction site).  I’ve used them several times and each time went smoothly with no problems at all.  Be advised that while JIGS can communicate with you in English, all the pages on Yahoo!Japan Auctions are in Japanese.  Do your homework carefully and use Google Translate extensively to make sure you know what you’re bidding on before you commit.



Q: Why are there two different catalog numbers for the original Japanese DVD releases of Evangelion?


A: It is due to how the DVDs were distributed and sold at the time.  The copies sold via traditional retail channels were distributed by King Records, and as such had their catalog number and logo on the packaging.  However, Gainax was at the same time selling them directly via their on-line store.  Those copies omitted the King Records logo and had a different catalog number.  There were absolutely no differences in terms of disc content.  In fact, if you look carefully at the laser engravings on the inner ring of one of said DVDs, you’ll see both Gainax’s and King Records’ corresponding catalog numbers etched next to each other!



Q: Why do the prices given on some of the Japanese volumes’ packaging not match what’s on your charts?


A: There’s 2 retail prices commonly listed in Japan.  There’s “with tax”, and “without tax”.  It seems that somewhere along the line Gainax changed from prominently showing the “with tax” price and having the “without tax” price in smaller print to the other way around.   For the purposes of this site, if there is a mix of both pricing types in a given media format, the “with tax” price will be used for consistency.



Q: Why does this site divide the Japanese and American releases differently?


A: The reason is becuase of how Evangelion was released in America.  While STARCHILD is the sole distributor for all Evangelion home video releases in Japan, several companies have licensed Evangelion content in the US.  ADV (which recently evolved into “Section23 Films”) has had the license for the TV series since 1996, Manga Entertainment had the license for the Neon Genesis Evangelion feature films until recently, and Funimation has the license for both Evangelion New Theatrical Edition (aka "Rebuild") films.  This division of content made the release patterns less uniform in America than in Japan, making the difference in the site's sections necessary.



Q: Why are the images on this site in relatively low resolution?


A:  The reasons the images are not terribly large is that they’re just good enough to give a good idea of what a given release looks like while saving on bandwidth.  If you want full-size images, you’ll have to use your Googles.  That’s how I sourced the images on this site to begin with.



Q: Why aren't any British / Australian / etc. releases listed?


A: As an American, it's much easier to find information of domestic releases.  Obviously, I included the Japanese releases since that was the main point of creating this site, but it took a LOT of work to get the information/pictures together for them.  I just can't be bothered with other countries’ releases due to time contstraints (and frankly, a lack of interest).



Q: Why doesn’t this site list soundtrack CDs and other official Evangelion stuff?


A: Soundtracks have been covered by other sites, and likely much better than I’d ever be able to.  Also, if I included every official piece of Evangelion media and other items, this site would never be finished.



Q: How do I contact you?


A: You can email me at [ohtotoro [at] yahoo [dot] com].