Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD

A special edition of Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion, including Masayuki's re-edited Death (True)2


Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie
DVD (2 discs)
On Sale Sept. 22, 1999
Price: 8800Yen (plus tax)

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Air/Love Is Destructive

For You, My Heart And Soul/I Need You


Everyone who buys the Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie DVD set will receive an original telephone card, illustrated by director Masayuki.

Make your video collection a high-quality DVD collection.

The secret to the popularity of the Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD series is Gainax's use of the single-sided double-layer format, made possible with the full cooperation of Panasonic. This format enables us to store four complete TV episodes on a disc the same size as a CD, with high image quality. Ideal for collecting. The discs also contain extensive databases, accessible at the click of a button while watching the main program.

The databases are comprised of three parts: Staff and Cast Listings, Story Outlines, and Dialogue Scripts (all Japanese Only).

Note that the latter two elements are not included with the Evangelion Movie DVD.

The following releases are on sale now, for 6600Yen apiece (plus tax):



Vol. 1
Episode 1: Angel Attack
Episode 2: Unfamilar Ceilings
Episode 3: A Phone That Doesn't Ring
Episode 4: The Rain, After You've Gone

Vol. 5
Episode 17: Fourth Children
Episode 18: A Choice For Life
Episode 19: A Battle For Men
Episode 20: The Shapes OF Hearts, The Shapes of People

Episode 5: The Other Side of Rei's Heart
Episode 6: Showdown: Tokyo-3
Episode 7: That Which Men Make
Episode 8: Hurricane Asuka

Vol. 6
Episode 21: The Birth of NERV
Episode 22: Humanly, If Nothing Else
Episode 23: Tears
Episode 24: The Final Harbinger

Vol. 3
Episode 9: An Instant When Hearts Come Together
Episode 10: Magmadiver
Episode 11: Within the Silent Darkness
Episode 12: The Worth of a Miracle Is

Vol. 7
TV Episode 25: The End of the World
TV Episode 26: The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World
Movie Episode 25: Air
Movie Episode 26: For You, My Heart and Soul

Vol. 4
Episode 13: Angel Intrusion
Episode 14: Seele, Throne of the Soul
Episode 15: Lies and Silence
Episode 16: A Sickness Unto Death, And What Came After



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