Genesis 0:14

Episodes 26, 26’ (Magokoro wo Kimi ni)

Packaging: Gate-fold jacket w/ obi strip and “Eva Fan Club” sheet.  First pressing included cover art sheet.

Disc format: CAV (26), CLV (26’)

Video: 4:3 (26), 1.85:1 (26’)

Audio: Stereo (analog + digital)

Notes: Episode 26’ (Magokoro wo Kimi ni) was slightly modified from its theatrical presentation to more closely resemble the format of the TV episodes.  Also includes 30-sec promo for "Love & Pop" with Bach's "Gavotte en Rondeau" as background audio.  Lastly, this is the only Evangelion LD release that has the “front” cover art extend across BOTH the front and back, which is why the NGE logo is on the “back” of this volume (it has the only clear space to put it.)