Theatrical Edition Limited Edition Box Set

Death and Rebirth + The End of Evangelion

Packaging: Box holding two 2-LD gate-fold jackets, booklet, Death(True)² + End of Evangelion storyboard book, 18 Cardass Masters picture cards, 3 phone cards, Eva Series UFO catcher plushie, 5-inch Rei gashopon figure, and an unassembled Eva-01 Bandai LMHG model.

Disc format: CAV

Video: 1.85:1

Audio: Dolby Surround (analog + digital)

Note: Death(True)² is the version of  “Death” used in this release.


Outer box (without outer clear wrap and spec sticker)



Death and Rebirth jacket:





The End of Evangelion jacket:





Box contents:



Close-up of main sticker on outer wrap