KIBA-1299 / KIBA-91299

Neon Genesis Evangelion Music DVD

Packaging: Amaray case

Disc format: Single-sided, single-layer

Video: 4:3 interlaced

Audio: LPCM 2.0 @ 1536 kbps, DD 5.1 @ 448 kbps.  Music + SFX audio: DD 5.1 @ 448 kbps.  Karaoke: DD 2.0 @ 448 kbps (tracks 1 & 4 only).

Subtitles: Removable subs in the song’s native language (Japanese for “Tamashii no Refrain”, “Thanatos”, and “Memories of Heaven”; English for “Armageddon”.)

Note: Was also bundled with KIBA-1300 in a side-by-side two-pack.  KIBA-91299 is the catalog number for the combo version.




Track list:


1) Tamashii no Refrain [Yoko Takahashi]

2) Thanatos – If I Can’t Be Yours [Loren & Mash]

3) Armageddon [Shirou Sagisu f/ Mash]

4) Memories of Heaven [Megumi Hayashibara]