Evangelion Symphony [VHS]

Packaging: Clamshell case

Video: 4:3

Audio: HiFi stereo





1) Interview with Shirou Sagisu (part 1)

2) Excerpt from 4th Movement of Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9 in D Minor: Choral"

3) Tokyo-3 [C-7]

4) Eva-01 [E-3]

5) MC Segment 1 (Megumi Hayashibara [Rei] + Kotono Mitsuishi [Misato])

6) Battle Suite (NERV [A-3], Decisive Battle [E-1], Eva-00 [E-5], A Step Forward Into Terror [E-9])

7) Rei I [A-1], Ritsuko [C-5], Rei 1 [A-1]

8) MC Segment 2 (Yuriko Yamaguchi [Ritsuko] + Yuuko Miyamura [Asuka])

9) I, Shinji [A-6]

10) Classics Medley (Prelude from Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major", Gavotte en Rondeau from Bach's "Partita No. 3 in E Major".)

11) Interview with Shirou Sagisu (part 2)

12) Classics Medley (Pachelbel's "Canon and Gigue": string quintet, string quintet + rap [Mali], orchestra)

13) Thanatos [E-13]

14) MC Segment 3 (Megumi Ogata [Shinji], Miki Nagasawa [Maya], Yuuko Miyamura [Asuka])

15) Ethnic Medley (Borderline Case [A-4], Mother is the First Other [A-10])

16) Fly Me to the Moon (Carroll Thompson + Loren)

17) MC Segment 4 (Miki Nagasawa [Maya], Yuriko Yamaguchi [Ritsuko])

18) Halleluah chorus from Handel's "Messiah"

19) Encore

20) Interview with Shirou Sagisu (part 3)


Notes:  Performed by The New Japan Philharmonic, conducted by Derrick Inouye.  Symphony was performed for 5 evenings in July 1997.  A CD of this symphony is available (catalog number KICA-390).