KIBA-7 / GDVD-007

Volume 7

Episodes 25-26, 25'-26' (Air + Magokro wo, kimi ni)

Packaging: CD-sized jewel case w/ obi strip.

Disc format:  Single-sided, dual-layer. Region 2.

Video (25-26):  4:3 interlaced

Video (25'-26'): 1.85:1 non-anamorphic progressive scan (except both episodes' respective end credits and the 30-sec next-episode preview at the end of 25', which are interlaced).

Audio: DD 2.0 @ 192 kbps

Bonus features:  Program notes, sketches, and scripts.

Note: Episodes 25’ (Air) and 26’ (Magokoro wo Kimi ni) are known as the “Genesis versions” due to the changes made to them when placed on the Genesis 0:13 – 0:14 VHS/LD releases.




Case with obi strip (Gainax printing)