Evangelion 2.22 (Blu-ray)

Packaging: Digipak case w/ guidebook. First pressing included 5-cell film strip.

Disc format: BD-50. Regions ABC.

Video: 1.85:1 AVC @ 32 mbps

Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 6.1 16-bit @ 2370 kbps, Dolby TrueHD 6.1 16-bit @ 2416 kbps, DD 2.0 @ 640 kbps

Bonus Features: Rebuild of Evangelion 2.02, "I Would Give You Anything" scene NOGUCHI version, four omitted scenes, "Fly Me to the Moon" teaser, "The Final Decision We All Must Take" trailer, three Blu-ray/DVD promos (2x 15-sec TV-spot + 1x 115-sec promo reel), seven theatrical TV-spots (2x 30-sec, 4x 15-sec, 1x 12-sec), "Train Channel" spot, Trailer for Yahoo!JAPAN (30-sec "Next Episode Preview" for Evangelion 2.0), script.