Packaging: Comes in outer cardboard box w/ black label, enclosing a red plastic "monolith" with a black folder holding discs from KIBA-1001 through KIBA-1010 along with SDG-10008 inside.  Also includes 100-page "Data of Evangelion" booklet and the 14 dual-sided “Eva no Tomo Kai” (Eva Fan Club) info sheets found in the original Genesis 0:1 through Genesis 0:14 VHS/Laserdisc releases.  Does not include booklets from KIBA-10xx single-disc releases.

Disc format:  Single-sided, dual-layer (x11). Region 2.



Renewal DVD-Box Bonus Disc

Disc format:  Single-sided, dual-layer. Region 2.

Video: 4:3 interlaced (except for Clean OP/ED, which are progressive scan)

Audio: DD 2.0 @ 192 kbps (AR Videos), DD 2.0 @ 448 kbps (all other extras).

Bonus features:  AR rush videos for Episodes 9, 15, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, and portions of Rebirth (between beginning of JSSDF attack on NERV to Misato killing Shinji's assailants) and Air (between Eva Series landing to Gendou shooting Ritsuko).  Also includes (in order of appearance) 15-sec series promo TV-spot, 30-sec series promo TV-spot, Clean OP, Genesis 0:0 "In The Beginning" (TV Series PV), Clean ED, Sega Saturn game CM, Newtype magazine CM, Shounen Ace magazine CM, 15-sec "Screaming/Giggle" EoE TV-spot, 15-sec "Screaming/Waves" EoE TV-spot, Genesis 0:0' "The Light From The Darkness" (Death + Rebirth PV), 11-minute live-action AR rush video cut from The End of Evangelion, "Love and Pop" (1998 live-action film directed by Hideaki Anno) TV-spot, "Shiki-Jitsu" (2000 live-action film directed by Hideaki Anno) trailer.




Contents of packaging (papers on right are 14x Eva Fan Club sheets)