EVA 0:0’

Genesis 0:0’ – The Light From The Darkness

Promotional Video

Packaging: Clamshell case.

Video: 4:3

Audio: HiFi stereo.

Notes: 27-minute promotional video for Death and Rebirth.  Was a bonus for pre-ordering tickets to see “Death and Rebirth” theatrically.  Contents include (in order of appearance) the “Ode to Joy” trailer, a digest of key moments in the TV series (Second Impact, battles with the Angels, etc.), interviews with Kotono Mitsuishi [Misato], Megumi Hayashibara [Rei], and Yuuko Minamura [Asuka], "Tamashii no Refrain" music video, Genesis 0:10 VHS/Laserdisc CM, 30-sec "Death and Rebirth" TV-spot, 30-sec "Addition" CD TV-spot, and the "Dies Irae" trailer.