Theatrical Edition Limited Edition Box Set

Death and Rebirth + The End of Evangelion

Packaging: Box holding two VHS clamshell cases, booklet, Death(True)² + End of Evangelion storyboard book, 18 Cardass Masters picture cards, 3 phone cards, Eva Series UFO catcher plushie, 5-inch Rei gashopon figure, and an unassembled Eva-01 Bandai LMHG model.

Video: 1.85:1

Audio: HiFi stereo

Note: Death(True)² is the version of  “Death” used in this release.


Picture of outer box (without outer clear wrap and spec sticker)



Covers of VHS tapes (taken from rental versions, which are identical except for catalog number)




Picture of box contents (taken from Laserdisc version of set)



Close-up of main sticker on outer wrap