Collection 0:2

Episodes 5-8

Packaging: Amaray case w/ chapter insert

Disc format: Single-sided, single-layer. Region 1.

Video: 4:3 interlaced

Audio: DD 2.0 @ 192 kbps (JP/EN/FR/SP)

Bonus Features: Character bios

Notes: Uses 30-sec next-episode previews. Mastered by Cinram / POP DVD Center. There are two cover variants (original retail and ”Perfect Collecton” versions.)  Differences include spine alignment and format of the back side (retail matches original Collection 0:1, Pefect Collection version matches 0:3 – 0:8).  The front was also changed to be “less busy” as well (note the lack of Japanese text on the right side).


Original retail version:




Perfect Collection version: